Kammerchor “Ave”

Kammerchor “Ave” was established in 1984 in the Ljubljana parish of Vič as Vocal Group AVE. The group soon ventured out of its parish’s borders and with its high quality adaptations of a wide variety of choral music expanded its listenership at home and abroad. At the same time, it transformed into a chamber choir, comprised of singers from all over Slovenia and cross-border regions. AVE’s members are above all driven by an inextinguishable desire to receive the profoundest possible experience choral singing can offer. In the past, the choir has been successfully led by Andraž Hauptman, Branka Potočnik Krajnik and Jerica Gregorc Bukovec. The choir prides itself with numerous awards and acknowledgements from domestic and international festivals and competitions. Their most prized victory came at the International Choir Competition in Maribor, which opened the door to the most elite choir competition, the European Grand Prix that took place in 2010 in Bulgaria. AVE has also been awarded the City of Ljubljana Award, the Prešeren Award, the Plaquette of the City of Ljubljana and the Silver ZKDLJ Award (Cultural Associations of Ljubljana). Since September 2015, the choir has been led by conductor Marko Vatovec with whom they have carried out a number of successful projects and concerts. In the summer of 2016, AVE, headed by conductor Vatovec, took part in the renowned choir festival Horske svečanosti in Niš, where they received first place for the programme performed and a special award for their performance of a renaissance piece.