WDR Radio Chorus of Cologne

The WDR Radio Chorus of Cologne consists of 48 professional singers whose repertory spans from music of the middle ages to contemporary compositions, from sacred music to operetta, and from large scale oratorios with orchestra to soloistic vocal ensembles.

Especially noteworthy is the vocal ensemble’s occupation with contemporary music: over 140 world premières have been featured on their programmes, among them Schoenberg’s ‚Moses und Aron‘, Henze’s ‚Laudes‘, Stockhausen’s ‚Momente‘, Nono’s ‚Il canto sospeso‘, Boulez‘ ‚Le Visage Nuptial‘, Zimmermann’s ‚Requiem für einen jungen Dichter‘, Penderecki’s ‚Lukas-Passion‘, Xenakis‘ ‚Nuits‘, Berio’s ‚Coro‘, Höller’s ‚Der ewige Tag‘, Eötvös‘ ‚IMA‘ and Hosokawa’s ‚Die Lotosblume‘.


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