I’m interested in your Chorbiennale

From the e-mail correspondence with Shosh Lagil, artistic director and conductor of the Sirenot Vocal Ensemble, concerning the participation at the 3th Chorbiennale

May, 17th 2012
I’m  interested in your chorbiennale – it seems to be very exciting, although i’d wish it could be moved a few days later to the end of school year – we have a few school teachers. The ‚HOMELAND‘ programme is very appealing to me and it will give me the opportunity to commission new  work from an Arab composer (Israeli Arab). I’ll write to you later – we have a concert today……

Best regards


june, 18th 2012
Contrasts — I like it! It opens a wide range of interesting musical options….. As for Wagner’s Meistersinger – how fast the news spread all over the world.


october, 27th 2012
Yes, even here, the autumn is coming finally, and the first rains were pouring yesterday, ’surprising‘ all the  things that should have been prepared….. I wish i could  stay as long as you’ve suggested.  I was planning even to have a concert in Brussels too.


decembre, 10th 2012
You’re getting ready to the beautiful christmas and unfortunately, we’re preparing to a lousy election, probably the worst ever…… I’ve looked at the schedules and the uncompleted programmes (gladly, i’m not the only one to blame) and it looks exciting. I’m happy  to be together with everyone; I don’t know the other groups and i’m sure they are great and there is a lot of fun waiting for us. I’m  happy to greet you in return –  have here unbelievable winter storm-floods all over, snow… just watch yourself


January 10th, 2013
I’m attaching 2 programmes: one is lighter, funny combining theater music arranged for us – for lunch concert. For the evening – i’m working on much more serious stuff. Maybe, it reflects my heavy feeling now, but the music is special and wonderful…. The texts are very important and you’ll have to tell me if you need the translations (english). For this concert you can see there are 2 world premièrs. I hope everything goes smoothly because it takes longer than i thought to have them in my hands. If they are not ready on time  i’ll have to change it. Les Sirenes (i.e. last movement of Debussys „Trois nocturnes“) are definite ours but we are about 10 singers and i’m afraid it won’t be enough to ‚pass‘ the orchestra. I want to note the fact that my ladies are not opera singers with  big voices….


tuesday, 19:47
Good Evening,
I hope everything is going right. We have a new born site from this morning and i’m sending it to you: It’s just the ‚opening‘ of the site and it still makes me excited…..




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