Silvère van Lieshout

Silvère van Lieshout is the Director of the Academy of Vocal Arts in The Hague. He conducts the Academy’s Musicanti Children’s Choir, the Hague Children’s Choir and the Cantamare Vocal Ensemble. Silvère van Lieshout began his career as a conductor in Helmond. From 1986 to 2003 he worked for the National Choir Institute as a staff member for Children and Youth choirs. He conducted the Rotterdam Boys’ Choir, the Netherlands Children’s Choir and the Netherlands Youth Choir, to name but a few.

As well as conducting, he is also the author of „Jongleren“ (Learn Whilst You’re Young), the music course book that is widely used in the Netherlands and Belgium to teach children and adults sight-singing. In 2008 he was made an Ambassador of the leading European Youth Music Festival for his services to children’s choirs.

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